Cup of the Month

Welcome to Weston Workshop's Cup of the Month (COTM) 🎉
Are you a WW glassware fan? Do you have your own creative ideas for what you'd love to see on a glass can? You're in luck!

What is Cup of the Month? 
Every month, Weston Workshop will be looking for design ideas from YOU! (Yes, you!) One design will be chosen of the suggestions submitted, winning "Cup of the Month" -- this design will be created & added to our Glass Can inventory available for purchase for the entire month! 

How does Cup of the Month work? 
1. Each month, look out on social media and our website homepage for notification of "Entry Week" for Cup of the Month 
2. During Entry Week, head to this page on our website and SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTION for a cup design! Give us all the details!
Example submission: "My idea for May 2023 Cup of the Month is peace signs! A combination of black and white symbols around the glass." 
3. After entry week closes, the top 3 submissions will be mocked up and posted for VOTING! Stay tuned to our Instagram Stories over at @westonworkshop if you'd like to vote. 
4. The design idea with the most votes after 24 hours is our winner! This cup will be created for the following Month, available for purchase on our site. The winner will receive a FREE glass with their design, bamboo lid, and straw as a prize for submitting.